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Predatory Lending vs. Indentured Servitude: Our Response

Critics of predatory lending have compared payday loans to indentured servitude. Our lending products are a significant improvement over the indentured servitude of the past.

Predatory Lending Indentured Servitude
Targets Caucasians, blacks, and Hispanics Targets Caucasians only
A 21st century financial services solution A 19th century financial services solution
Customer service oriented Not customer service oriented
Provision for consumer bankruptcy No provision for consumer bankruptcy
Unlimited term of "service" Typically limited to 4-7 years of service
Work anywhere customer wants Worked only on the farm
Rarely serve prison sentences Debtors' prison
Geographic and demographic information systems help targeting No targeting whatsoever



Profit from the working 
poor. Learn more. Predatory lending vs. 
indentured servitude. Our response.

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