Industry Threats

In the last 10 years, payday loan stores have gone from being illegal to outnumbering Starbucks™ coffee shops in many states. Legislation legalized our industry and lobbying is what protects our profits.

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Legislative Threats

2007 Defense Authorization Bill: Congress recently capped the payday loan interest for military personnel at 36%. Read about the military loan crisis to learn more.

Credit unions: The North Carolina Crisis demonstrates how credit unions and interest rate caps can destroy our industry. We won't let your state become the next North Carolina.

Predatory Lending Legislative Victories

Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005: This so-called "Consumer Protection Act" is a landmark victory for the predatory lending industry. This act makes it extremely difficult for consumers to file for bankruptcy and makes it easy for us to collect loan fees.

Statewide consumer protection legislation: A full list of 2007 payday loan consumer protection legislation can be found here. We urge legislators to honor the free market and eliminate all consumer protection.

Internet payday loans: Internet payday lending is controversial since it can steal profit from our payday lending stores. However, we support Internet payday loans because they enable the free market to work around the constraints of state governments.