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Please the Privacy Policy of Guaranteed Payday Loans related to personal information that we may receive via the Internet during your use website

We are attentive to your personal information. To ensure your trust, we have taken measures to protect your privacy in relation to the transactions you perform on the Site. The Privacy Policy defines how we collect, store and process your personal information, which is collected when you visit the Site. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. This will help you make informed decisions about the disclosure of your personal information when using the Site.

You consent to the Privacy Policy

Your use of the Site means your unconditional agreement with this Privacy Policy and the conditions for processing your personal information specified therein. If you do not agree with these conditions, you must refrain from using the Site.

Intellectual property and use rights

We inform you and you agree that the Site is our intellectual property and is operated by Guaranteed Payday Loans. Information, graphic, audio, video, photo or other content of the Site and materials posted on the Site are our intellectual property or the property of copyright holders who have given us the right to post these materials on the Site.

All intellectual property rights, including copyright, related rights, exclusive rights to trade names, commercial designations, trademarks, service marks or other intellectual rights in all materials or content of the Site belong to us or our partners.

The site and the materials posted on it are intended solely for your non-commercial use. Another use of the Site or its materials is prohibited without our prior written permission. You agree not to commit any, all or some of the actions such as copying, reproducing, transferring, distributing, selling, commercializing, modifying, processing or creating derivative materials from the materials and content of the Site. Making these actions in relation to the Site and its materials is illegal and may involve liability in accordance with applicable law. This limitation does not apply to your messages and announcements on the Site.

Personal information

The information that we collect about you depends on how you use the features provided by our Site.

We may receive the following personal information:

We do not verify the accuracy of the personal information you provide. However, we assume that when using our Site you provide reliable and sufficient information and keep it up to date. You hereby warrant and represent that in relation to any personal data that you provide on the Site, you have the right and are authorized to provide this personal data for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

Purposes of processing personal information

We collect and store only that personal information that is necessary to use our Site and provide you with the Services, as well as for the implementation of any legitimate purpose specified in this Privacy Policy.

We process the collected personal information for the following purposes:

Also, from time to time, we may invite you to provide personal information in the form of surveys or questionnaires, participation in which is carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis. The personal information obtained in connection with such surveys or questionnaires is used to inform you of the results of surveys or questionnaires, as well as to improve the use of the Site or increase satisfaction with the Services.

Advertising information and marketing materials

In addition to the stated purposes of processing personal information, we would like to inform you about news, promotions and special offers that may be beneficial to you. We value your time and attention, therefore we control the distribution of advertising information and marketing emails.

The site provides you with the opportunity to refuse to participate in the mailing of such materials by clicking on the link indicated in the letter you received, or by choosing another available way to unsubscribe. You can also change your preferences to receive or not receive marketing emails, or update them.

Please note that we are not responsible for the actions of third-party sellers and advertisers. We strive to work with reliable companies, but we have no control over their actions. However, you can tell us about your experience with any third parties we work with so that we can improve our offerings.

Conditions for processing personal information and transferring it to others

We keep the confidentiality of your personal information, except in cases where you voluntarily provide information about yourself for general access to an unlimited number of persons. Please note that your personal information, which you independently post on your personal page, in comments to publications and on other publicly available Services, may be viewed by other users.

We will not share your personal data with others, except in a limited number of circumstances, including the following cases:

Change and removal of personal information

At any time you can change (update or add) the personal information provided to us in whole or in part, using the editing function in the appropriate section of the Site or in the personal section of the Service.

If you decide that you do not want your personal information provided to us to be used for any of the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, you can exclude yourself from the list of registered users of the Site by contacting us. However, the deletion of your account may result in the inability to visit some pages of the Site and use some Services.

We store your personal information for the entire period during which you using our Site. We store your personal information for as long as it takes to achieve the goals outlined in this Privacy Policy, except for cases where the applicable law provides for the mandatory storage of personal information for a definite period.

Your right to change or delete your personal information on the Site may be limited in accordance with the requirements of applicable law. In particular, such restrictions, for this reason, may provide for our obligation to save the information changed or deleted by you for a different period and transmit such information in accordance with the legally established procedure.

Processing of personal information using cookies

We use cookies as a basis for interacting with your internet browser to automatically collect personal information.

Cookies are a small piece of text information that our Site transmits to your browser, and the browser stores and transmits it back to the Site with each of your requests to the Site. Some cookie values can be stored only during a one-time session of your connection with the Site and are deleted after you close your browser. Others, installed for a certain period of time, are recorded in a special file and stored on your computer.

Cookies contain information that allows the Site to identify your browser when you access the Site and visit the pages of the Site. With the help of cookies, we collect information such as the time you spent on the Site, areas of a visit to the Site, websites with links to and from our Site, and other additional information. The structure of the cookie, its content and technical parameters are determined by the Site and can be changed without sending you our prior notice. These cookies prevent us from collecting personal information about you.

The use of cookies is common practice. We use cookies to re-member users of our Site and save their personal preferences and settings, to provide them with personalized Services, to target advertisements that are shown to users, for statistical and research purposes, for security purposes, and also to improve the Site and Services based on user preferences.

Please note that the equipment and software used by users to visit websites on the Internet may have the function of prohibiting operations with cookies for any or for certain websites, as well as deleting previously received cookies. At any time, you can independently delete the cookies saved on your computer, change the parameters in the settings of your browser so that the browser stops saving all cookies and notifies about their sending. However, in this case, some functions of the Site and Services may stop working, work slower or display only text information. We reserve the right to establish that the provision of a particular Service is only possible if the acceptance and receipt of cookies are permitted by the user.

Measures used to protect personal information

We take organizational and technical measures that we consider necessary and sufficient to ensure the protection of your personal information from unlawful or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of other persons with it. From time to time, we review our procedures to ensure the security of personal information and select appropriate new technologies and methods. However, even with the most advanced technology, no website is completely secure. In those unlikely cases where we believe that the security of the personal information we received may not be observed, we can inform you about such a development of events. If such notification is justified, we will use our best efforts to inform you about it as soon as possible, taking into account the circumstances.

Links to other sites

This Privacy Policy applies only to this Site and does not apply to any other websites, even if such websites contain a link to our Site or our Site has a link to these websites. We may provide links to other websites that we believe may be of interest to users of our Site. However, we cannot guarantee high standards of privacy on other websites to which we link, or be responsible for the privacy practices of such websites. Please keep in mind that these websites may collect personal information from users and that they operate in accordance with their own privacy policies, which may differ from this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you read the privacy policies on other websites when you go to other websites since as soon as you leave our Site, any personal information you provide is no longer under our control.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy in whole or in part from time to time to reflect new technologies, industry practices, regulatory requirements, and for other purposes. We encourage you to periodically re-read our Privacy Policy in order to be informed about how we protect your personal information. In case of changes to the Privacy Policy, an updated version of the Privacy Policy with a changed publication date will be published on our Site. This is sufficient notice of changes to the Privacy Policy, and we may not provide you with other notifications of changes. However, if we are talking about significant changes, we will notify you by posting a noticeable announcement of such changes on the Site, or by directly sending you a notification. Changes to the Privacy Policy come into force from the moment they are posted on the Site. Your continued use of this Site and referral to it after the publication of changes in the Privacy Policy means that you thereby accept the changes in the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Feedback. Questions and suggestions

We welcome your comments about the work of the Site, our activities, and our Privacy Policy.

Any questions or suggestions can be sent to us using the Contact Us page.